Our loans at a glance

Taking out a loan

By putting people before profit, we can offer fair, affordable and flexible loans of between £50 and £10,000 to our members. Whether you need the money for a small or large purchase, for just a few months or for up to five years, a Manx Credit Union loan can help you budget without spiralling into a cycle of costly debt.


  • Basic Loan

    2% per month

    Our standard loan is available for amounts over £500 up to £5,000 plus the value of the savings you hold with us.  The rate of interest on repayments is 2% per month which equates to a simple interest rate of 13.75% per annum.

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  • Save as you Borrow

    1.65% per month

    This loan gives you the option to grow your savings at the same time as repaying your loan so at the end of the loan period you have the same amount in savings as you have borrowed! 

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  • Loyalty Saver Loan

    1% per month

    Borrow double the amount you have already saved at half the interest rate of our Basic Loan.  

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  • Starter or Emergency Loan

    3% per month

    This loan is available to help when emergencies occur and money is needed quickly.  You can apply to borrow up to £500 by making an appointment to see one of our Loan Officers.  

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  • Family Loan and Saving

    3% per month

    Our £500 Family Loan and Saving Scheme lets you borrow for household purchases and family expenses and make repayments from State Benefits such as Child Benefit and Incapacity Benefit. You can also apply if you receive an Isle of Man State Pension.

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  • Premier Loan

    0.5% per month

    Our Premier Loan is for members who prefer to keep their existing savings intact. Borrow up to the same amount you have saved at a rate of just 0.5% per month.

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