For Employees

As a credit union we can provide members with financial support and access to products encouraging a responsible approach to credit and managing money, and helping to improve your living standards within the Island.

  • Savings – Save as little or as much as you want on a regular basis in a convenient and effortless way.  Because the money is deducted before your pay goes into your bank, you don’t notice the impact.
  • Special occasions – Save for a special holiday, family celebration or educational fees.
  • Reduced financial stress – We aim to help protect you from financial pressures and offer a way for you to manage money more effectively.
  • Be part of a community – Credit unions are ‘not for profit’  organisations so money saved in a credit union benefits the local community.
  • Access to low cost loans of different types – Choose a loan which best benefits your circumstances.  The repayments can be easily repaid by payroll deduction.
  • Confidential – Your employer will not be informed that you have a loan as we use the same member number for savings and loans.

How to arrange Payroll Deduction

  • Join Manx Credit Union either online or through our office at Nadine House, 13 North Quay, Douglas IM1 4LE.  If more convenient we have the use of Barclays Bank Ramsey on the last Friday of each month between 12 noon and 2pm.
  • Check with your employer that they offer payroll deduction (if not direct them to this page or ask them to consider contacting us for further information).
  • Complete a short payroll deduction form found here

It couldn’t be simpler.  Watch this video about the benefits of being a member of a credit union.

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