Save as you Borrow

This loan gives you the option to grow your savings at the same time as repaying your loan so at the end of the loan period you have the same amount in savings as you have borrowed!

So for example if you are borrowing £2,000 towards a new central heating system and you pay £200 per month, after 21 months you will have paid off your loan and have £2,000 saved.  Repayments are easy to calculate as you divide by ten the required loan which in this example would be £200 monthly (total interest £200.00).  Interest is calculated at a simple annual rate of 5.6%.

Duration Monthly
£500 21 Months £50.00 £50.00
£1,000 21 Months £100.00 £100.00
£5,000 21 Months £500.00 £500.00

Please note the maximum savings you can hold with us at the current time is £5,000. Examples given are for illustrative purposes only. A personalised quotation will be prepared for you on application.

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